Drawing of a wolf with purple tones.

Jorge Bolois

Dev from Zaragoza, Spain


Open repository and scripts

Some small projects and scripts for daily things.

Git for open libs and projects.
Greasyfork for compiled user scripts.

[WIP] - Wanolo ARAM

League of Legends - Discord integration for ARAM matches.

Read more information on the webpage!

26/08/2021 - Current

Personal website

Built with SvelteKit and some components from SvelteMaterialUI.

19/11/2022 - Current


General Web Scrapper

Puppeteer working as a general scrapper for personal information tracking.

Includes dashboard with visual representation over time.
It also features an endpoint to expose data to, for example, Home Assistant.

Contact me for more information.

19/11/2021 - Current


Own website

Simple site created Vue.js (2.X) and Vuetify.js (2.X).

Deprecated due to library versioning and also, moving to another framework.
I used this project to practise clean code, and test Javascript features/libraries/techniques.

18/07/2018 - 03/12/2022